We Did It!

Wow, I can’t believe we have finally accomplished this huge milestone in our lives.  We have dreamed of owning our own business for it seems like forever!  But after a few trial and errors, I think we have found our place and we are loving it!

For about a year, we were praying and asking God for direction in our lives, and not really getting any answers.  Honestly, I was about ready to consign to our ‘normal’ life and accept that there just wasn’t a future for us in this home decorating business.  We had tried the house flipping thing, the boutique thing and were stumped on ‘what else is there for us to try’.  However, God does hear your prayers, and expects patience and faith.  Finally, we got our answer; my sister in law called me last fall and said she had been invited to a party that I might be interested in.

She explained that an old neighborhood friend had started this ‘craft party idea’ and it seemed like something Bryan and I would like.  She gave me the contact info of the friend and we went to work investigating what this new business was all about.  By the end of that day, we both knew ‘this was it!’  We felt so good about it, knew there wasn’t too much risk and we would love doing it together.  So we dove in headfirst!  By the end of the week, we had our name, our business ID # and licenses.  We were thrilled!!

Crafts 2 You Home Parties was Born!

It was kind of crazy how perfect things started to fall into place.  We could tell God’s tender mercies were poured out upon us.  We are so extremely grateful for this chance to do what we had always dreamed of.

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