Look how I used my Valentines Decorations

Learn How I Used My Valentines Decorations

So the thing I like most about my kits is the ability to change the color and look so easily.  I loved my turquoise and red so much during  Christmas that I wasn’t ready to let go of the color combo yet.  I decided to paint my conversation hearts different than the traditional candies.  I love them!!

Here’s a few more shots of some of my other kits displayed in my home.

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Here’s to 2017! Fall in Love!!

The Start of a New Year

I love a new year.  It feels like a fresh clean slate, full of possibility.  We feel that same way about our business.  We have an amazing line-up of kits to update your home with.  We are crazy about them.  But before we get to those, let’s not forget about some really fun holidays; Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  These cute kits are sure to make you fall in love or want to pinch someone, wink, wink!

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